sábado, 28 de diciembre de 2013

Painting Buddha unboxing final part

Well , today i´ll show you the inside of the handmade box.

The team of painting buddha get sick , so it means that my order had a little delay. they are so nice, and send me a chocolate.

A bunch of pins.

The amazing dvd explain so many tricks and tips about painting. 6 dvds inside.

Explain the history of the team and some tips.

Manual for begginer, and for experts that want to learn new techniques of preparing the miniature.


A veru useful metal box, to carry minis or whatever you need.

2 minis valued on 15-20 euros each one, plus an escenary.

i don´t like the design a lot, but the cast is so awesome and make me wanna paint a lot this minis.

Hope you like the unboxing, and catch one copy to your personal collection.

Halloween night- Pumpkin

    Today i´ll show you one miniature that made me won on quimera open 2013

  This is on sale, so don´t miss the chance!

viernes, 27 de diciembre de 2013

jueves, 26 de diciembre de 2013

Painting Buddha season 1 unboxing

Well today I'm going to do an unboxing of this amazing pack.
It is a pack that every painter / hobbyist should at least check, and if you can, of course buy it.

It costs 94 Euros with shipping, and brings a lot of things and of great quality.

   Perfect packing.

We started opening the box, and the first thing is a paper of the team, aprecciated our order.
 Super t-shirt.  Ultra high cuality. did not expect such quality.

And finally we come to the best, the box containing the pins dvd etc we can see on the web …. handmade.

see you in the next entry!

Nurgle Chaos Warhammer

Well this is the final miniature. Hope you like.

martes, 24 de diciembre de 2013

Nurgle Final Tutorial Part

Well, this is the final part of this fantastic miniature. Really funny miniature, trust me.

Don´t be alarmed, the final aspect of the ax is not like that, this is to give a blue base since it is the complement of orange and I think it will be groovy.
With this colours, i change the tone of the axe and desaturated it.

The final aspect of the axe, and the horns.

More work on the profiled, skin and the final aspect.

Some blood splashes, with tamiya clear red x-27, black, and brown, for change the artifical tone of tamiya.

Well the next step is the base, but i don´t have too many photos. Here they are.
Well the next post will be the finished miniature.

Hope u like it!

Nurgle Tutorial part2

Well, i do some more elements of this mini.

The chains, coins, boots, shoulder pad and rag.

I think the orange tones of armor are pretty cool and the blue use like shadow, is complementary, so always be cool.What you think? plz tell me your opinion ^^

More detail of rag, chains and boots.

Nurgle Chaos Lord wip

Hi! today i will show you my actual wip.
At the beginning i believed that the mini was no working for me. But now, i see the potential, and i like it!
Always prime in two colours. All in black, and from the light spot, white.
Later a base of elysian green, very diluated.
This are the first 2 lights.

After some shadow work..
what do you think?  i accept suggestions ^^
Soon this will be on ebay auction.