Leave a comment and win this amazing figures!!!

Hello guys, today I´m going to explain to you this little contest that I have in mind.

I´m just starting as pro in this amazing world of miniatures, and a good way to people know me is follow my blog.

So I decide that we can help each other, you only have to suscribe to my blog and let me a comment explain what kind of stuff you would like to see on it , as sbs, unboxings, news of miniatures.. be creative!

These are the miniatures that I have for the contest. You can only achieve one, so other follower can get one too.

                                               This warrior of shadowcrafter miniatures

                                              A pretty awesome miniature, also of shadowcrafter.

Shadowblade of warhammer miniatures. So cool.

                     And the special prize for the best idea for my blog! I´ll choose the 3 betters ideas and 
                                           randomly one will get this super pack of dwarfs.

        I will send worldwide so don´t be shy! wherever you are this miniatures will find you!

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