lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Tutorial Intro - artistic composition for miniatures(English/Español)

Buenas chicos!

Este es el primero de 3 artículos sobre la composición artística en miniaturas que voy a hacer, enseñando como tratar los elementos de un proyecto para conseguir una composición armónica y equilibrada a la vista.
Voy a dividirlo en partes para que el aprendizaje sea más facil, y no se haga tan pesado.

La composición se define como la distribución de todos los elementos que incluiremos en un proyecto de forma equilibrada y con un sentido estético, teniendo en cuenta el color, el tamaño, las texturas, las tonalidades, el espacio y las formas que se vayan a implementar.
En un proyecto, deberemos elegir todos los elementos que lo componen, para después colocarlos con un orden y sentido en la composición y así lograr el efecto deseado.

Los elementos básicos que hay que manejar en el arte para hacer una composición correcta son:
·       Espacio
·      Color
·      Forma
·      Textura
·      Valor
·      Línea
·      Unidad

Como nosotros estamos tratando de usar la composición en miniaturas y no en un cuadro, algunos de estos elementos serán más útiles que otros, o menos comunes, o incluso más efectivos.
Uno de los elementos mas importantes, ya que trabajamos en el plano 3d, es el espacio,es decir, como manejamos los volúmenes y su peso visual (la figura que usemos, arboles, elementos del escenario…) y los espacios de aire libre que dejemos.

                                                                author- Fabrizio russo
author- Roman Lappat 

Estos dos proyectos son un buen ejemplo de una buena composición artística en miniaturas//These two proyects are a very awesome example of a good artistic composition on miniatures

Hi guys!

This is the first of three articles I´m going to do about artistic composition for miniatures.I will teach you how to treating the elements of a proyect, to achieve an harmonic and balance composition.
I´m going to split this all tutorial on three parts to make your learning easier and to make the experience more relaxing.

We define composition as the distribution of all the elements that we will include in a project in a balanced and beautiful way. We have to keep in mind the colour, the size, the textures, tonality, the space and forms that we are going to implement.
In a project we must choose all the elements that form it, and then place them in order and sense in the composition so we will reach the effect we want.

The basic elements that you should handle in arts to make a good composition are:

    •    Space
    •    Colour
    •    Form
    •    Texture
    •    Value
    •    Line
    •    Unit

We are trying to use composition on a miniature not on a real painting , some of these elements are more useful than others or less usual, or even more effective.
One of the most important elements is space, because we work on a 3D plane, in which we manage volumes and their visual weight (the miniature we are using, the trees and the other elements of the environment…) and also the empty spaces we leave in it.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Geek time: fantasy coins for rpg games

Hi guys!

This time I wanna share with you a kickstarter that I´ve been waiting for a long time (a year more or less).

I´m a huge fan of boardgames, fantasy, role playing... and when I saw these coins I fell in love with them.

       The 3 boxes with 30 coins each inside, 3 dwarven bars, and 2 coins from the campaign

As you can see the coins are real metal material, not gold , but cool metallic stuff with different colour finishes.
I don´t expect a  presentation as good as this. I really like the boxes and the insert.

                     I bought 3 different style of metal coins: Magic set, rangers set and earth set

                                    magic mixed set. Very nice design and amazing finished

All the sets have 3 money values and each of them have 10 coins. 30 total coins for each collection.
I´m really happy with the design and good-looks.

earth mixed set

rangers mixed set

All I can say is  the quality is really amazing, and If you like playing with accessories, you gonna love these coins.

As a bad point of the kickstarter is the huge time of wainting (since may of 2015 ) 'till you have your order at home.

Let me your thoughts and comments below :)

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016

Inspirational music : Epic fantasy time

Hi guys!

 Lately I've been painting a huge diorama, based on a fantasy idea  that I have in mind.

I like a lot to paint miniatures with a music that stick to the topic, so I wanna show you the latest bso that I find very very EPIC.

                                           this is my wallpaper now, to find epic inspiration

I choose the bard songs from dragon age inquisition.  I recommend you to listen all of this game stuff if you like fantasy/epic music.

Hope you like this as much as I do.

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

First picture of my new diorama - The Only Way

Hi guys!

I´ve been working this last month in a new diorama, called The only way.

The basing is almost finished, and I want to show you the result, and If you like it, I will upload a step by step tutorial of the building , colouring and basing process.

I´m going to paint a little bit more the grass, some glazes here and there... maybe final touches with oils.

Let me your thoughts on the comments.

domingo, 14 de febrero de 2016

New beggining (English/Español)

Hi again guys!

It´s been so many time since my last post don´t you think? :)

This time I´m back to stay.
 I was doing a lot of personal proyects this past year, painting miniatures (yes, believe it or not I was painting), courses , trips, relaxing... I decided to use the last year to improve myself, not as painter but as human being.

This time I´m ready to come back, with no presures, no stress and finally REALLY happy painting miniatures and show you my progress.

I´ll take the way of make this blog a site for my ideas, and your site for learning. If you want to learn something that I can teach you guys, just tell me and I´ll do my best doing a good tutorial.
If I want to show you one of my many stupid ideas, I will too.

Over & out.

                                                  I always think the horse is my soul mate

Hola de nuevo chicos!

¿Ha pasado tiempo desde mi último post no creéis?

Esta vez he vuelto para quedarme.
Este año pasado he estado haciendo un montón de proyectos personales, pintando miniaturas, relajandome, viajando, dando cursos...Decidí tomarme un tiempo para mejorar, no como pintora si no como ser humano.

Esta vez vuelvo para quedarme,sin presiones, sin estrés, y por fin siendo realmente feliz pintando miniaturas y enseñandoos mis progresos.

He decidido usar este blog como lugar para enseñaros mis ideas, y como sitio para que aprendáis más. Si queréis aprender algo que os pueda enseñar, decidmelo e intentaré hacer un buen tutorial.
Si quiero enseñaros alguna de mis paridas sobre minis o arte ( o a saber), lo haré también.

Cambio y corto.

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Infinity tohaa commission work (tabletop level)

Hi guys!
I´m very busy these days, new proyects in mind, makin the miniatures for a great contest on my town, courses....aaaaand infinity!

This time is an infinity tohaa gao-rel.

I like a lot these armie, is super fun and extra good´looking :)

Hope you like it! and please share and comment :)

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

Quick traditional warhammer marine

Hi guys!

I´m making a lot of commisions these days, and one of them was this cool warhammer marine.
It´s a nice tabletop level I think, hope you enjoy.

I always paint things like this just for relax, a lot of airbursh, pigments... tons of fun :)

do you like it? let me your comments!