lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Broc WIP - part 1

I start a few days ago this amazing bust of hyv miniatures.
When I finish the bust, I´ll show you a little idea that I have in mind for the miniatures world.
Keep and eye on that.

He is a marauder , and his current mission is on a coastal city. So I decide to choose a warm palette of colours, with some colders to contrast.

                              These are the colours I used for the orange-blonde hair.
                               I decide to tint the ridge with blue. More coastal look don´t you think?

                                                   These are all the hair colours.

                                                      Now I´m going to do the skin.
                    With the reaper paints I can easly do the wet blending technique, and I can use the           acrylics like oils a little. Put some colour on the bust, and them spread easly.

After some work on the skin I decide to make a tattoo ( in the final pictures the explanation)

These are the firsts steps with the tattoo

2 comentarios:

  1. Nice start here Sara. Do you use a black and white priming ore pure white?

    If I see it right you start with a very bright colour and bring more and more the darker colours in by layering?

    Looking forward to the next steps ;-)

  2. I use black priming and next I do a cenital light with white prime.
    I like most use light colours than darkest at the begining, but for the skin, first I do a mix of yellows , orange, reds, and blues (don´t have pictures sorry) and them I covered with a base skin tone.