lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Geek time: fantasy coins for rpg games

Hi guys!

This time I wanna share with you a kickstarter that I´ve been waiting for a long time (a year more or less).

I´m a huge fan of boardgames, fantasy, role playing... and when I saw these coins I fell in love with them.

       The 3 boxes with 30 coins each inside, 3 dwarven bars, and 2 coins from the campaign

As you can see the coins are real metal material, not gold , but cool metallic stuff with different colour finishes.
I don´t expect a  presentation as good as this. I really like the boxes and the insert.

                     I bought 3 different style of metal coins: Magic set, rangers set and earth set

                                    magic mixed set. Very nice design and amazing finished

All the sets have 3 money values and each of them have 10 coins. 30 total coins for each collection.
I´m really happy with the design and good-looks.

earth mixed set

rangers mixed set

All I can say is  the quality is really amazing, and If you like playing with accessories, you gonna love these coins.

As a bad point of the kickstarter is the huge time of wainting (since may of 2015 ) 'till you have your order at home.

Let me your thoughts and comments below :)

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016

Inspirational music : Epic fantasy time

Hi guys!

 Lately I've been painting a huge diorama, based on a fantasy idea  that I have in mind.

I like a lot to paint miniatures with a music that stick to the topic, so I wanna show you the latest bso that I find very very EPIC.

                                           this is my wallpaper now, to find epic inspiration

I choose the bard songs from dragon age inquisition.  I recommend you to listen all of this game stuff if you like fantasy/epic music.

Hope you like this as much as I do.