The messenger bust - PAP Part 3 final

Well, sorry for the delay, the light in my town is not very good these days so I had to wait.

This is the work until now, more retouch on every parts...

now i´ll do the eyes, the gemstone (lapislazuli i choose), and the owl.

i do the usual steps on the gemstone, first base color followed by the lights and shadows, all blues as you can see.
 After do this, i do the white marks with some grey blue very similar to white.

The gold spots are with non metalics. Later i´ll put gloss varnish on the gemstone.

I want a special feeling on the glance. Mix of melancholy, sadness and strength.
I choose blue to complement the gemstone, and to have a hard contrast on the face.

This is the owl viewed from below. i want blue tones, because the top going to have yellow tones.
I forgot to take pictures of the top, so this is the whole wip, failing of final pictures.

Hope you like it , i hope your comments and tips.

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