Painting Buddha unboxing final part

Well , today i´ll show you the inside of the handmade box.

The team of painting buddha get sick , so it means that my order had a little delay. they are so nice, and send me a chocolate.

A bunch of pins.

The amazing dvd explain so many tricks and tips about painting. 6 dvds inside.

Explain the history of the team and some tips.

Manual for begginer, and for experts that want to learn new techniques of preparing the miniature.


A veru useful metal box, to carry minis or whatever you need.

2 minis valued on 15-20 euros each one, plus an escenary.

i don´t like the design a lot, but the cast is so awesome and make me wanna paint a lot this minis.

Hope you like the unboxing, and catch one copy to your personal collection.

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