The messenger bust- PAP part 1

Hi guys, today i´ll show you one of the miniatures that i´m doing right now.

This is the unpainted miniature of galapagos miniatures brand. This brand is awesome and have fantastics busts.

First of all after primed, i cover all the bust with a green color for use this as general tone, because i wanna do a ranger/druid.

 I use the airbrush (after covering the rest)to do the face base. Here are base and first shadow.

Keep working on the face. Here I take a photo of the colours I use for the face, just in case you wanna know.

The face with pretty highlights and shadows.

Now i do the gabardine/raincoat in greens.

I´m doing a leather gabardine, hope i can do the right finish.

                                        More leather work. I continue with this later.


This are the colours that i use for the base hair and beard.

I let you here a complete process and colours of how i do the beard and hair, always airburshing until now.

if you use blue in some specific shadows parts, the volume of the bear and hair ( or whatever part that you use the blue) will stand out.

Soon the nexts parts, with reds, more leather, nmm...

Hope u like it.

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