Beneito Miniaturas Unboxing - American Revolution.

Well, I decide to do unboxings of the lesser known minaitures that I paint or the ones that I think that stand out, may be cuality, may be rarity....

Today had arrived at my home an order I do a few days. Lately I really enjoying the historical miniatures, I think in the market there are a lot of amazing brands that do a really awesome minis.

I had never purchased before on beneito miniaturas, and I´m very surprised of the result.

The packaging is really nice.

As you can see the inside brings a very nice instructions. If you don´t have so much idea of history (as my case) this will help you a lot.

These are the parts of the miniature, and brings too some scene parts to make a good story.

As you can see the cuality is really high, and just for 22 euros.

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