Celtic warrior 3rd century B.C. - WIP

This time I don´t have pictures of the entire process, I hope it will help anyway...

As I always do, I prime in two colours, black for the entire figure and white for the lights.

This step will help a lot in the futures steps.

I want to do a very irish man, so I use reds and pinks for teh skin, and desaturated a lot the lights.

After the general tone, I put some blue and green in the shadows, because the cold environment of Ireland. Also paint the redhair.

Here are some pictures of the colours I use, first picture for the skin, and the second one for the redhair.

I do the entire shield (include weathering), the brooch, and the cotton cloak.

Weathering is a lot of fun job.

Picture of the mix for the cloack.

Hope you like the progress of my work, and see you in the next entry!

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