How to do a nice water splashes.

I start today writing a serie of  deepest tutorials, focus in techniques to reach a determinated stuff.

Today I wanna show you how I do a very realistics splashes of water.

 This is some kind of cottom spiderweb. It´s very easy to find on parties stores of costumes stores.
I buy a lot for a halloween party, and I keep the rest for my miniatures.

These are the materials I´m going to use for the splashes. Still water of vallejo, a old plstic glass, and a toothpick.

Put arround the glass the spiderwebs. extend above the hole very tight.

This is the right way to extend the spiderweb.

I hold the spiderweb with tape.

This is the first step using the water effect.
Splash arround the place. Don´t be shy, and get dirty.

With the toothpick, extend it, and pull at once you create a nice splashes.

You should put a lot of water effect on the spiderweb to achieve the right result.

When it dries, this is the look. Very transparent and random forms. You will see that the resin is very strong, and you can cut as you like and put wherever you like.

Hope you like the tutorial , and see you soon!

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