How to do a coconut palm

Hi guys! I´m very busy with a lot of proyects these days and I can´t update you sorry.

Today I´ll show you how to do a coconut palm (soon you see the final result with the miniature)

The coconut palm its very simple to do.


  •  Paper
  • A mix of school glue and water, over both sides of the paper, just for make the paper more resistant and easy to paint
  • green putty
  • magic sculp (for de coconuts)
  • A tree branch that looks like the coconut trunk

           Firs of all do the mix of glue and water and put all over the both sides of paper.
                                                           Later cut a palm leaf

As you can see the palm leaf are large and long.

On the back side I make a little structure that seems very close to the palm leaf. This  is very important, because If you dont do properly, the leave don´t have strength enough to stand up in the tree.

I start to make the cuts of leaf shreds. Watch closely, If you don´t make this pattern, the leaf will looks unnatural.

                                                                   The  final result

I pick this branch from a park. It fells to me a coconut palm, what you think?

This is how will look once you finished the process.

you have to bend the branches naturally, in other way the will look death and lifeless

                                         I sculpt some coconuts, and glue to the palm.

 What you think of my discovering? I was very worried about how to do the palm, because they are for a very important proyect of mine. I´m very glad of the result!! As always, let me your thoughts on the comments!

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