UNBOXING Ammon miniatures (Jack)

Well, A few days ago I bought a miniture from Ammon miniatures.

 I´m going to do a exchange of paint miniatures with my friend Michael aka "dellolyn"
Btw, He has an awesome blog 5th dimension Check out, sure you find something cool.

As you can see the miniature is "cartoon" style, I never paint something like this before, and for sure this will be very fun.

It´s a 54 mm scale.

It seems like the miniatures of this brand could be use as tabletop game, I don´t know french :(

The cast is pretty cool, have some bubbles here and there, but the quality of the sculpt is amazing.

                                          You can see very well the bubble in the axe.

The miniature cost 16 euro, and I think that is a very good price for the quality and size.
When I paint it, I´ll show you guys!Hope you like it Michael.

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