Fantasy Demon course with Luis!

Hi guys!
This sunday I went to a fantastic class with Luis Aka " fantasy demon blog"this is his facebook.

Luis has fine art career, so this course was about colour, value, saturation... and the most important thing
I start to be a pro of this fantastic hobby because I think the same that Luis, we can make this an art.
He teach us his thougths about the future of the miniatures world. He thinks that in couple of years, all of us will try to make terminator, more value figures...definetly, the same that the painters do on a painting.

He is such a good teacher, and a good friend now :) his hapiness and good feeling are spread to all his pupils.
We don´t paint at all, and we learn a lot.

He was very patience with all of us, and teach us all he knows in the time that we have.

 As you can see we are only a few (4 pupils) in the course. This makes a very comfortable enviroment, and we become good miniature bros!

 For settle the hard concepts, we made a little exercise on paper. Like in the school!

 The most important thing that we learn, is that do the right value on a figure makes the difference.
In Luis blog you can see what I´m talkin about with a hobbit scene.
You could use any colour, but If you don´t use the value correctly, your figure will be jus a toy, not a 3d esculpture with defined shapes.

Hope you like this little review. Just in case, Luis gonna make another course , so check his blog to see the updates.

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