Review: Jesús Martín (Nocturna models) Class.

This past weekend, I went to the amazing painter Jesus from Nocturna models class.

I have been in others painters classes, but none was as amazing as this course.

Jesús is a very friendly person. He is very modest, and teach you all he knows without hesitate.
He show us the way that he  paint  his miniatures of the brand, and teach this in a very dynamic and goodly way.

if you go to some courses, you certainly know, that be a painter don´t make you a good teacher.
I have this feeling in other cases, but tin this one there is not trace of that feeling.

He doesn´t sits and paint his figure, but spends all day standing and moving explaining everything to all the pupils.
If you have the opportunity to attending one of his courses, don´t hesitate and go!

You will learn about colour, textures, techniques.... and make a lot of friends among 

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