How to do leather - tutorial

Hi guys!
This past weekend I went to a Jesús martin class, and the figure that we use on the course have a lot of leather parts, so I take the jacket and make this tutorial.
Sorry for not having more pictures of the process, but soon I will a video of the full painting process.

I mix my way of paint leather, and add Jesús knowledge.

                                       These are all the stuff that we need to do the leather jacket.

First of all, I cover the jacket with charandon granite as base. This will give us a very dark layer to start to work the dark environment.

I use graveyard earth (citadel) for the lights, and a mix of incubi darkness (citadel)+ chocolate brown (vallejo) for the shadows.
For achieved a more dynamic and varied jacket, with the airbush I put some glazes of scorched brown on a random parts.

This will be all the airbrush work.

Now we will put some texture, highlights, satin parts and dirty.

First of all, I put more deepness on the shadows, using a mix of brown ink+ incubi darkness.
I think we had better use this method because inks will satin and are very saturated, otherwise the job will be longer.
 For the deepest shadow I add black into the previous mix.

With graveyard earth we start to put a little dots and scratches all over the lights surface. Will be great if you make a little on the shadows (just a little), to put randonmess.
If you have an old brush, will be perfect for this task otherwise have more patience and make the texture carefully.

Keep do this with the lightest colours. Just remember use more diluted paint and paint little surface (like a normal layering) but with texture.
It´s important to respect the light position, and hold the lightess parts lightess, and the middle and shadows parts more dark according to get closer to the shadows.

 Make the lights profiles with the lightess colours, and do some spotlights.

Now with a satin varnish,  put more  on the shadows and middle parts, to accentuate the leather look.
If you see old leather you will see the aged parts are matt. Always the trick of properly painting is look at reality.

Last but not least, With a couple of colours like english uniform (vallejo) and ice yellow (vallejo) we make the dirty.
Keep the paint thick and other mix more diluted. make small bumps in random places, and you have your jacket !

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