Mice and mystics Heroes miniatures - En

Hi guys! finally the pictures if the heroes of this amazing game.

These are all the heroes that we are able to choose. Some more warrior style and some more magic flow.

                                                  I like the art of this board game A LOT.

                                                  Collin the honorable knight and the leader

                                                           Filch the elusive and scamp

                                                     Lucy the great archer of the team
                                                           Maginos the wise magician

                                                             Nez the gross and noble

                                                       Tilda the healer and caretaker

 This all proyect was really a pleasure to paint. I had a lot of fun, and lear a few tips about tabletop level and how to paint these kind of figures.

                                                              All team together!  

Hope you like this proyect, and keep and eye on my facebook , I´m doing a sbs of a great figure!

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