Mice and mystics enemies miniatures!- EN

Hi guys!

I´m kind of busy these days, a lot of work! the last thing I done is this proyect for a private collector.

Mice and mystics is a boardgame very similar to Descent:journeys in the dark , the difference is that mice and mystics is more familiar, and fairy-tale style.
In this game we are a very honorable mices who fight the evil of their world. It´s a cooperative game, and very inmersive.

I like a lot to spend my spare time playing boardgames with my friends. It´s very fun and you learn a lot of values like friendship, honor, cooperative game...

The private collector want me to paint all the game (22 miniatures) at a tabletop level.
 I painted them with a fairy tale style and colorful way. I thought that this will be great on this kind of game.

                       First of all, the two big threats of the game. Spider and centipede.

                                  Now the low profile threats, mices and cockroaches

As always, the boardgame´s miniatures give a bunch of problems with the painting. The paint don´t stick well, too glossy effect... but you can fix these kind of problems with perseverance!

In the next entry I will show you the heroes of the game! 
                                                                      A little preview

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