Sergeant BlackArt unboxing- Splittingbones

Hi guys!

Today I´m going to unboxing a new miniature from the amazing team of Sergeant Blackart .

The concept is pretty cool, and the sculpture and painting too.

I saw a couple of weeks ago this picture of the miniature, I think that they only was selling this on Stressa, but I asked to the sergeant team and told me that they had a couple of copies for advance pre-order.

Lucky me! Vittorio is such a good guy and is very kind and help me with all my questions.

The packaging is good. A double bubble envelope, and a very tough cardboard with a very cool design.

 Wow! What is this? I thought.  This little folder is like the movies, a fodler of unclassified files.
 I like a lot this kind of thing. People being careful with the little details.

A sticker and an illustration of the concept.

Now get into the miniature thing.

As you can see, I don´t have too much to say. Very good cuallity of casting (very little mold lines, and huge details).

 At this time my camera gone crazy, and take blur pictures.

 A cool unexpected button.
 A bunch of pieces to use on the miniature.

I´m very impressed with the cuallity of sergeant team miniatures, and definetly, I will buy to them again.

Last but not least, the miniature will be avaible on september, so keep and eye on their web.

Hope you like it!

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