jueves, 19 de junio de 2014

Websites for inspiration (sculpture, painting, colours..)

 Hi guys!
As an illustrator, I always get in touch with a lot of websites of tons of creativity.

When I´m not in a good mood for make cool ideas for my miniatures, I always take a look to a couple of this websites. All of the follow websites are for professionals, so the cuality of their works are amazing.

There are a lot more, but these are my favorites:

  • A new page for colour composition and environments is movies in color .  In this website you have a screenshot of tons of films, and the color palette of the picture. Is really REALLY usefull.

Focus on 3D/ Sculpture
  • vfx portal   is focus on film industry and videogames. Have a lot of pictures and some videos and tutorials.

  •  3Dtotal   is my favorite site of 3D art. You have traditional and digital Sculpture, tutorials, textures,forums...

Now more focus on 2D/ illustration:

  • GameArtisans is focus on videogame world. I´ts kind of new, but you have a good gallery and art challenges.  

  • Conceptart is for concept artist, but you can get a job, take a look to the great community and see others gallery´s.

  • Cgsociety is focus on videogame and have 3d and 2d 50-50.
  • drawcrowd is a new page that is all design since beginning to artists. The website looks amazing and it seems like facebook. You have an artist profile and others could like your creations.  I see a very high cuallity, and most of the artists are chinese ( they have an unique style to play the colour)

These was the more important pages for me. You also have more random and cool websites that anybody knows as devianart , splashnology  and zerply.

Hope this can help you to improve your figures and grow  your art!

martes, 17 de junio de 2014

Fantasy Demon course with Luis!

Hi guys!
This sunday I went to a fantastic class with Luis Aka " fantasy demon blog"this is his facebook.

Luis has fine art career, so this course was about colour, value, saturation... and the most important thing
I start to be a pro of this fantastic hobby because I think the same that Luis, we can make this an art.
He teach us his thougths about the future of the miniatures world. He thinks that in couple of years, all of us will try to make terminator, more value figures...definetly, the same that the painters do on a painting.

He is such a good teacher, and a good friend now :) his hapiness and good feeling are spread to all his pupils.
We don´t paint at all, and we learn a lot.

He was very patience with all of us, and teach us all he knows in the time that we have.

 As you can see we are only a few (4 pupils) in the course. This makes a very comfortable enviroment, and we become good miniature bros!

 For settle the hard concepts, we made a little exercise on paper. Like in the school!

 The most important thing that we learn, is that do the right value on a figure makes the difference.
In Luis blog you can see what I´m talkin about with a hobbit scene.
You could use any colour, but If you don´t use the value correctly, your figure will be jus a toy, not a 3d esculpture with defined shapes.

Hope you like this little review. Just in case, Luis gonna make another course , so check his blog to see the updates.

jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Review: Jesús Martín (Nocturna models) Class.

This past weekend, I went to the amazing painter Jesus from Nocturna models class.

I have been in others painters classes, but none was as amazing as this course.

Jesús is a very friendly person. He is very modest, and teach you all he knows without hesitate.
He show us the way that he  paint  his miniatures of the brand, and teach this in a very dynamic and goodly way.

if you go to some courses, you certainly know, that be a painter don´t make you a good teacher.
I have this feeling in other cases, but tin this one there is not trace of that feeling.

He doesn´t sits and paint his figure, but spends all day standing and moving explaining everything to all the pupils.
If you have the opportunity to attending one of his courses, don´t hesitate and go!

You will learn about colour, textures, techniques.... and make a lot of friends among 

martes, 10 de junio de 2014

How to do leather - tutorial

Hi guys!
This past weekend I went to a Jesús martin class, and the figure that we use on the course have a lot of leather parts, so I take the jacket and make this tutorial.
Sorry for not having more pictures of the process, but soon I will a video of the full painting process.

I mix my way of paint leather, and add Jesús knowledge.

                                       These are all the stuff that we need to do the leather jacket.

First of all, I cover the jacket with charandon granite as base. This will give us a very dark layer to start to work the dark environment.

I use graveyard earth (citadel) for the lights, and a mix of incubi darkness (citadel)+ chocolate brown (vallejo) for the shadows.
For achieved a more dynamic and varied jacket, with the airbush I put some glazes of scorched brown on a random parts.

This will be all the airbrush work.

Now we will put some texture, highlights, satin parts and dirty.

First of all, I put more deepness on the shadows, using a mix of brown ink+ incubi darkness.
I think we had better use this method because inks will satin and are very saturated, otherwise the job will be longer.
 For the deepest shadow I add black into the previous mix.

With graveyard earth we start to put a little dots and scratches all over the lights surface. Will be great if you make a little on the shadows (just a little), to put randonmess.
If you have an old brush, will be perfect for this task otherwise have more patience and make the texture carefully.

Keep do this with the lightest colours. Just remember use more diluted paint and paint little surface (like a normal layering) but with texture.
It´s important to respect the light position, and hold the lightess parts lightess, and the middle and shadows parts more dark according to get closer to the shadows.

 Make the lights profiles with the lightess colours, and do some spotlights.

Now with a satin varnish,  put more  on the shadows and middle parts, to accentuate the leather look.
If you see old leather you will see the aged parts are matt. Always the trick of properly painting is look at reality.

Last but not least, With a couple of colours like english uniform (vallejo) and ice yellow (vallejo) we make the dirty.
Keep the paint thick and other mix more diluted. make small bumps in random places, and you have your jacket !

lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Exclusive miniatures available for collectors

Right now I almost finished all my currents proyects, so I think make this idea will be great.

I have 2 copies of barbarian dude from raining frogs garage that I keep unpainted until I make this entrie.

I keep this way for you, collectors that want this exclusive miniature painted by a professional.
I will paint this figure for you in the way that you want.

Hurry up! I only have two copies.

The other miniature that had been released on friday, is this amazing figure.

                                                               Aran the barbarian

The box art was painted by Enrique Velasco aka "Emuse". I have ONLY 1 copy unpainted of Aran, so If you want your own version of this amazing miniature, I can do it for you.